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Ahmed Ololade (born 13 January 1995), known professionally as Asake, is a Nigerian Afrobeats singer and songwriter. He is signed to YBNL Nation and Empire Distribution. His stage name “Asake” is his mother’s name.

The roadmap to the new project from Asake “Work of art” kickstarted when he decided to release his first single of the year YOGA on Jan 30 2023 ending the era of the successfully acclaimed “MMWTV”. Before the ultimate release of the project WORK OF ART which dropped on June 16 2023 Asake also released two party bangers 2:30 & Amapiano.

Work of Art is a project that depicts the distinct blend of Fuji genre, Jazz Music’s call and response & South Africa’s originated Amapiano and House music that propels Asake to the higher seats of pop culture.

Regardless of the understanding of the Yoruba language, Asake’s music is guaranteed to get you to dance. Like he once said “My music is a feeling”.

Work of Art is the constellation of Asake’s legacy, charting a different but equally familiar course with his sonic choices and further solidifying the presence of “Fuji-Piano”.

Tracks List


The Album jets off with a meditative gospel influenced opener titled “Olorun” where he extols and expresses utmost gratitude to the Supreme Being called “Olorun” in his native Yoruba language for the success and dominance he currently enjoys. He talks about his exploits, strives, growth and celebrates from a superstar standpoint. Praising himself. “I’m a brand new man”. signifying that this project is a compilated story of rebirth.

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Awodi the second song on the album shows the effectiveness of Asake’s uptempo Afro and Amapiano-styled production. Characterized by log drums, Fuji-inspired melodies and Yoruba language… This unique flow channeled the path for listeners favorite “2:30” to be ushered in.


Sunshine is a reassuring & hopeful song for everyday hustlers. This beautiful song feels like its here to swap places at the peak with one of Asake’s viral hit “Palazzo” a collab he had with Dj Spinall.


On Basquiat, Asake compares himself to late American visual artist Jean-Michel Basquiat singing “Walking Poetry, I Am Greater/ I’m A Work Of Art” Basquiat was known for his neo-expressionist paintings and recognized as a revolutionary force in contemporary art.

Jean-Michel Basquiat image
Picture of the actual Jean-Michel Basquiat


“Amapiano,” produced by Magicsticks, is a testament to Asake’s ability to create an irresistible sonic universe that immediately draws in the listener. The song is characterized by dynamic beats, radiant melodies, and catchy hooks, making it a delightful auditory experience.

Lonely At The Top

On Lonely At The Top, Asake talks about his quest for more money. While currently basking in fame, the artist suggests that the journey to success is usually lonely and requires some discipline. When Great Guy sets in, the artist explores his personal virtues—consistency, bravery, talent, rounded personality— albeit in an upbeat tune.


Yoga the outro on the project punctuated by guitar strings and shakers and ceaseless log drums and talking drums, is the recipe of an amazing African cultural, spiritually uplifting song. The song’s intro samples Mo Capitaine by Mauritian singer Michel Legris. Overall, the song is a beautiful fusion of different African Cultures. Asake sings of enemies, betrayal, and fair-weather friends.

Asake’s originality in his music can be felt, whether you’re from Africa or not. Singing mostly in Yoruba and often in Pidgin English, Asake manipulates wisecracks, one-liners, and puns in WORK OF ART. Bringing all the vibes on an Amapiano-inspired body of work, strengthened by his hallmark in his songs, From massive vocal overdubs to a backing female voice, relentless lyrics, and an ever-diversified production the heavy bass-driven rumblings with log drums, the album combines afrobeats, fuji, amapiano and a soulful church sound.

Although Work of Art is a great Sophomore project, MMWTV remains Asake best album.

Written by : Santi The DJ

Rating : 8.0

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