How To Write HipHop Songs Lyrics In English

How To Write HipHop Songs Lyrics In English


How to write song lyrics in English flawlessly? Even if your level of English is pretty good, it is not your first language. An error in the lyrics causes a native speaker to frown, while a some listeners might not notice it immediately. It is therefore necessary to make an effort each time not to make a mistake. Follow this guide to see some tips to help you write lyrics like a pro!

Understand the message

When I walk the streets of a town in England, I am always a little jealous of the English. They immediately understand what Adele or Justin Bieber is saying and the message of their lyrics is crystal clear. Songwriters from non-English speaking countries also attempt to write lyrics in English. Just as misspelling is the ultimate mistake in politics, music fans don’t like poorly written lyrics either.

Indeed, just like a politician, the singer wants to convey a message. While the Google Translate tool is sometimes useful, you should avoid using it for your lyrics. Otherwise, you risk writing lyrics with machine translation errors that will make you smile!

Beavies and Butthead

Note that this article is not written to help you learn English. Of course, if you want to be fluent in English, you have to take lessons and watch movies without subtitles. I learned English by watching the MTV music channel. Ray Cokes, the music channel’s star host during the 1980s and 1990s, commented between video clips on the artists and answered phone calls from viewers. Every night I watched his shows.

Also, the Beavis and Butthead episodes helped me familiarize myself with English. In short, watching TV is a good way to learn a language. Whether you listen attentively or not, it does play a role in learning a language and especially your vocabulary!

Proofreading by an English speaker

Although it seems a little obvious, proofreading of your words by a native speaker – here an English speaker – is highly recommended. Indeed, if your words are proofread and corrected by a native speaker, you are sure that not only the meaning but also the style is perfect.

External memory

I admit, I’m not very organized by nature. Fortunately, I found a way to organize and store my notes. Whenever I run out of ideas, I turn to my digital database to find: Memories of all the events that had happened in my life, fantasies, dreams, news. The memories are written in my native language and in English. Words and phrases that I’ve heard somewhere that stick in my head. Either way, they speak to the imagination. Type the words on Google to find more info on this topic.
Words and phrases in English, often translated. Sometimes these are sentences that I have read in an English book. Reading in English is a good way to progress quickly. Ian McEwan’s books, for example, are very easy to read. If I’m not completely sure what the meaning is, I google it to make sure I understand it correctly.

In your research, you come across other phrases that can serve as a source of inspiration. Lyrics to songs that I love. This may be a few sentences or the text of an entire verse or chorus.
Replace a few words, repeat the sentence, change the structure of the sentence, and then create new text.
Parts of speech. Most often, the purpose of speeches is to convince or persuade an audience. You will have no trouble improving your writing expression by drawing inspiration from great speeches!

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