Magixx Colors & Loyal – Full Songs Review

Hi it’s time for yet another music review, and today we’re gonna be hanging out with magical Mavin artiste Magixx with his latest two song pack he currently dished out.

Alexander Adelabu (born 27 September 1999), professionally known as Magixx, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. In 2021, he was signed to Mavin Records. Magixx discovered his divine vocal talent upon joining his local church choir aged 10, and quickly set his sights on performing beyond the pews.

A story for another day, Magixx two song pack Colors(My Baby)/Loyal arrived on 24th March, 2023 and immediately the two song pack Colors(My Baby) & Loyal had an effective grow amongst musical minds at large. Magixx’s desire to make music that speaks for itself and to create a sound that will always remind the coming generation of his legacy. So let’s navigate through the details… Shall we?

So first we dive into Loyal… Because? It’s a beautiful bop and we at HipHopCast happily love to party…


On Loyal, The Mavin artiste tend to trapeze on a new sound with his desire to display range and versatility. Loyal is an Afro Dancehall song fused with Carribean softness anchored with Jamaican rythm. Magixx delivered a beautiful song that explores the theme of love and loyalty in relationships. The song features a simple, yet infectious beat produced by Andrevibez, which serves as the perfect backdrop for Magixx’s smooth vocals and playful lyrics. “Loyal” is a well-crafted, catchy song that is sure to get listeners dancing and singing along.a great addition to any party playlist.

Colors (My Baby)

Magixx’s silky-smooth vocals effortlessly glide over the beat as he sings about a girl who has caught his eye. He describes her as having the prettiest face and smile, and how many men watch her when she walks by. However, despite her beauty, she doesn’t have time for love and wants to live fast and enjoy life. The song shows Magixx has all cards on hand to be a player (bad boy) and lover boy effectively and effortlessly wherever and whenever he pleases a power he wields well with great vocals and good songwriting.This track is a testament to Magixx’s ability to create engaging music that appeals to a wide audience.

With Magixx’s melodies and vocals shining effortlessly all through the beautiful song, the Mavin artiste’s wonderful flows, switches and wordplay take on center stage as he sings

Baby girl I no go break your heart like man you
Keep it simple and short like shatta handle
I’m straight to the point I no Dey circle
Na gold wey you want I want I fit to buy two
Suzanna suzzanna
Make I daflawa your your pata
I go repair you like spannar
Sheybi you likey casava
On the way to way to father
Cause Must plucky your flower
I go
If anybody wan try to stop am

“ The production by Andre Vibez is top-notch that serves Magixx exceptional vocals justice, and the sound of the beat is fresh and unique.His best trait is his vocal range and his application of it.

Finally, Magixx’s two pack singles Colors(My Baby) & Loyal will age well amongst music listeners, with Magixx having established himself as an Afrobeats superstar who combines catchy lyrics, bouncy beats, and simple delivery with the ability to make music with a general-level appeal which are the hallmark of a typical Afrobeat hit The two songs thrives on simple, beautiful writing and classic Afrobeat adlibs. Great sequencing, production, and sound engineering aided Magixx in offering the listeners another dimension of his talent. With this two solid singles Magixx has all it takes to lead the race at the magical top.

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