Rema – Rave and Roses Ultra (The Review)

Image of Rema in black

Divine Ikubor (born 1 May 2000), known professionally as Rema, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and rapper. New year, new Project. A completion of the record breaking Rave and Roses a Deluxe which he called “Rave and Roses Ultra“. Before we dig into the new edition “Rave and Roses Ultra”, which debuted on April 28, 2023 under Mavin/Jonzing Label, let’s rewind a bit.

Image of Rema in black

In May 2021, Rema announced he would be calling his sound “Afrorave“, a subgenre of Afrobeats with influences of Arabian and Indian music, saying “my album seals this claim for good”.

Sonically, Rema has taken us on a enjoyable glorious journey with his beautiful sound named “Afrorave” and he’s critical acclaim debut album “Rave and Roses” which was widely received with Rema achieving international & global stardom.

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Now Rema returns with Rave & Roses Ultra, a deluxe version of the original, leading album “Rave and Roses” adding 6 new well crafted songs on the deluxe version showing his artistic versatility, displaying an understanding of music at large.

On the 6 tracks, Rema sounds just as confident and ready to explore with his understanding of rythm, wordplay and the use of melody. Now let’s take a dive into the oceans of Rema’s world And the new “Rave and Roses Ultra” edition.



Charm is a slow sensual song a bubbly Afrobeats crowd-pleaser which shows Rema has conquered how to make his craft perfectly by figuring out exactly how he wants to sound delivering with remarkable confidence. On this song, Rema shows significant range with his melodical prowess and sexual exploits.

On “Charm”, melodies and artistic flows comes to Rema extremely easily with beautiful backing vocals coated with sugary harmony lines. With this song Rema reassures us in creating another global hit with Charm. With Rema’s creative juices flowing through this particular song, this is definitely a party jam that will sweep you off your feet anytime.



Rema kicked off 2023 with, “Holiday,” a track that showcases his remarkable journey and growth since his emergence in the music scene in 2019. Rema solidifies his presence with his unstoppable rise and the far-reaching impact of his music on this song using his energetic Afro-rave beats and evocative storytelling propelling beautiful pen game, melody and arrangement.

Holiday” by Rema is a celebration of resilience, success, and the power of believing in oneself taking pride in his journey and how far he come. The song was produced by Blaise Beats.

Calm Down Remix

Calm down The remix is smooth, jazzy with optimum afrobeats pile up that reminds us of Rema’s golden storytelling era. Selena brought to the music her undeniable presence sounding very beautiful with her voice matching the catchy beat & production. “Calm Down Remix” has a universal appeal–it cuts across generations and countries.

From football icon Cristiano Ronaldo sharing a video of his kids dancing to the song, to pulsating raves and filled-out stadiums, there’s no scene where the tracks feels out of place. The song was at the center of a national moment when it was revealed five kids in Iran were detained for sharing a dance video without wearing the mandatory headscarves.

Image of Rema and Selena Gomez

The remix of the original song “Calm Down” with American singer Selena Gomez was released on 25 August 2022. The remix version reached number one on both the Billboard US Afrobeats Songs and the Billboard Global Excl. US charts, and peaked at number three on the Global 200 chart. It peaked at number six on the US Billboard Hot 100, marking Rema’s first top-ten hit and Gomez’s ninth.

A rewarding decision to have Selena Gomez on the remix with her large loyal diehard fanbase. Arguably one of the biggest collaborations to ever emerge from the Afrobeats space. A global smash hit!

Reason You

Reason You is more of an experimental track. By the cadence and chord arrangements of the beat, it could pass as a cloud/emo-trap song, laced with pop kicks that would make it viable for an alté offering. Rema sing-raps over the beat, with confessional verses of a girl that he is willing to go above and beyond in securing and winning her heart.

Over the chorus, he asks, “are you taken or are you available?” and emphasizes the fact that he’s not messing around with her feelings and has genuine intentions. The song features fun afrobeat and rnb inspired instrumentals that are catchy bringing a sense of innovation


Critics of Rema and Afropop as a whole insist on pointing out a lack of lyrical depth. But the irony of Rema’s criticism is that he can go deeper lyrically anytime he feels like doing it, confidently and conveniently. “HOV” a testament to that fact.

In this song, Rema says anyone who plans evil against him will receive their Karma. Saying he is a blessed and unique being. The singer goes ahead to talk about the amount of money he has been making. Rema does a great job using a very rich production, and quality engineering expertise in delivering this unique song.

Dunno me

Dunno me is an infectious trap that doesn’t take anything too seriously. Rema sounds more unhinged, accessible, and expressive when he dips into his Trap persona. The simplicity is something of a detriment to the song itself. With Rema’s amazing artistic versatility we definitely can’t put him in a box.

The song shows off his expansive range of musical influences with the trap bounce of the drums setting up the song to fit any car ride playlists. He has demonstrated the ability to infuse different sounds and influences wisely and effectively overtime doing it enormously.

Dunno me is a fascinating and thoroughly engaging listen, swirling with passionate emotions that hint at the chance of something greater coming from Rema as he marches forward.

Rema Rave and roses album review Hophopcast

With ‘Rave and Roses Ultra’, Rema is making a strong case for moving past the description of a hit-maker, to an artist solidifying his presence in the global/International mainstream space with a meaningful body of work.

Rema’s coordination on this project is very clear, and the amount of work and resources put into pulling off a project such as this can only be drawn from a certain confidence in the ability to make sufficient and fulfilling music that has worldwide listening appeal. ‘Rave & Roses Ultra’ is an assured body of work, one that is delivered with remarkable confidence.

Finally, ‘Rave & Roses Ultra’ is such a great time. For the most part, this project is the embodiment of what good music is made of. It’s a project that not only solidifies his presence in the ranks of Afrobeats’ biggest names, but also catapults him into a global star spotlight.

Ratings 8/10

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