Streaming Farms: The Raging Menace Facing Afrobeats

What Is Stream Farming and What is A Streaming Farm?

Quite a number of music fans and stans across the globe have had this question on their minds; What is Stream Farming?

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Today we’ll be discussing The process, the platforms and the effects of Streaming Farms. Ride with us.

Stream farming is the use or employment of a network of devices, such as smartphones or computers with a goal to play a specific song or piece of music to inflate the recorded number of streams/plays and to create a mirage of a high number of online listeners. These devices imitate human-like online listens and artificially increase streaming numbers.

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There’s been an investigation in the past which exposed streaming farms and made it known that they are available all over the world

This service is illegal and also expensive depending on the digital platform, but the artistes and/or labels who uses them simply do not care.

Why Stream Farming?

Some Fans still wonder till date why artistes/labels are into stream farming on Apple Music and other streaming platforms considering how expensive it is, well here’s why:

Stream farming places artistes on high positions on the chart to create an illusion of success. It gives artistes visibility, position them for bookings, endorsements deals, generate income via features etc because when you see an artiste in top positions on charts, you believe they’re are doing great and they have loyal fans ready to buy whatever they bring to the market.

A streaming farm with mobile devices in action.jpg

It also gives artistes visibility, as the chart is more like a big playlist where people all over the world go to discover the hottest songs in the country/region. People in the diaspora or are new to a particular genre uses the trends table to find songs and know how hot they are or how highly they are rated. In addition, when you see a song in the top spots on the chart, you automatically believe the song is good.

This way, the song get to create many paths to generate money for the label/artiste.

There has been a lot of fingers pointed lately about some artistes/labels using streaming farms in the Afrobeats industry to boost streaming numbers hereby putting the artistes in the conversation of the greats. Not a single person has been busted with evidence though but the fans keeps expecting a day the cat will be let out of the bag.

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