THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY (Episode 5 The final saga)

Truly the police were there like Ade had thought and of course the sound of the sirens confirmed that but little did Ade know that the kidnappers had escaped with the students using the three school busses and their own vehicle and the gunshot he heard was as a result of the final pursuit that occured between the police and the kidnappers.

For a while there was deafening silence and then a voice a familiar voice called out suddenly asking is there anyone there? although the voice sounded shakily but Ade was quick to identify the person as the school’s principal. Ade was overjoyed and he responded Yes Sir! Mr Thomas, we are here, please help us. Mr Thomas recognizing his voice immediately too shouted Ade! then ran towards the diner’s kitchen door and dragged the heavy table coverings he then shouted to call to others saying everybody come o, we have students here, they are safe.

Ade and Chi-Chi were brought out from under the long table covered in dust and tears and they were hugged by the teachers and the non academic staffs alike one after the other. How did you manage to escape asked someone from the back, did you see anything, did you see anyone? she continued to ask. Calm down Madam P.A, give the kids a break the principal responded, let them rest they will speak much later once they are well rested.
The teachers then escorted Ade and Chi-Chi to the sickbay where the police were already waiting. At the sick bay, Ade saw the gateman covered in his own blood with bandages to his arm lying on a stretcher, he was shot the school nurse explained, the bullet has been removed and he will be transferred to the hospital once the ambulance arrives, don’t be scared.

It was at around 6pm and Ade could see the fear in everyone’s eyes including Chi-Chi’s who was seated between her parents. Ade’s parents and parents of all other students had arrived hours earlier too and the school was crowded as police, reporters and other concerned parties moved around in droves searching for evidences and possible clues.

Chief T! Ade recalled, he could literally feel the chills going down his spine as he remembered the exact words of the Man in uniform. Ade stood up slowly, his mother asked what is wrong my dear and Ade replied, mum, I think I remember something that can help the police but I need to confirm from Chi-Chi if I heard right. Ade’s mum an dad stood up instant and followed him to where Chi-Chi and her parents sat. Chief T right? Ade whispered to Chi-Chi, yes! Chi-Chi replied nodding her head in affirmative. Once the parents realized their kids had a clue they called out to the police.

The police chief came and Ade narrated the whole thing to him, he faced Chi-Chi and she narrated the exact thing to him and then he was completely sure they had a suspect so he called it in. The kids and their parents were asked to leave the school premises 30 minutes later when reports came In from the police that Chief T a top politician and also an opposition of Senator Akintunde has been arrested. The coast was now clear and they were sure of everyone’s safety in their homes.

The next day was the 13th of February and the whole kidnap at Ade’s school and the rescue mission for the kids was on TV. Ade and his parents watched how the suspect Chief T took the police to the kidnapper’s hideout and how the whole place was ransacked till the kids were freed. Two of the Kidnappers were apprehended instantly and others fled the scene before the police could get to them. Th rescue mission lasted for hours and buly the time the dust settles all the kidnappers had been arrested.

Ade’s phone rang and he excused himself from the sitting room to go answer the call, it was Chi-Chi and the only words she said was “Thank you for being my hero, this is the biggest Valentine’s gift ever and I’ll always cherish it. Happy Valentine’s day My Love.” The call ended before Ade could speak a word, and that was the last time he heard from Chi-Chi. Ade checked the time and it was indeed 12:35 am.

Author – The Writing Dj

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