It was February 2018, a few days to Valentines day and all the teenagers in Ade’s area had started preparing for the big day. Every one in the street was preparing except Ade. Apart from the fact that he doesn’t have much in savings Ade unlike other teenagers his age didn’t have anyone to gift anything because it was obviously a lover’s day and he had no one he could call that, except for Chi-Chi whom he has been crushing on for over six months.

Ade met Chi-Chi the year before, she and her parents just moved into Ade’s street and ever since that day Ade first saw her never had a single day passed without him thinking about her. Chi-Chi was the first child of her family just like Ade, they were both in SS2 and both of them were in Science class. These similarities got Ade even crazier about her anytime he thought about her because he had never met anyone so beautiful, talented and intelligent who shared such similarities with him.

(Episode 1 – Scn 2)

Asides these telling similarities, Chi-Chi’s beauty is something to die for, Ade would always tell himself. While Ade was thinking out loud about Chi-Chi, Tunde his best friend walked in on him, without saying a word Tunde stayed behind Ade and listened to everything until the name Chi-Chi was mentioned.

Ehen! shouted Tunde, I knew it Ade, I knew it. you have feelings for this girl, but you keep deccieving yourself… Wo Ogbeni abeg don’t kill me with hypertension o, Ade replied trying to recover from the shock. I am madly in love with Chi-Chi and I can lie about it bro, but I am scared….. Of what! Tunde cuts in, of what alaye? She’s too beautiful and she’s Igbo Tunde, she might never agree. Infact I doubt if she can ever date a guy like me, I am ugly, I am broke and to cap it all I am a Yoruba boy, wo me I’m scared o.

Tunde sighed and put his hand on Ade’s shoulder, calm down padi mi, all these things don’t matter in love bro and at the same time you would never know for sure if you don’t try. So I’d suggest you man us and try your luck, ask her out bro, tell her how you feel last last she go say no abi?… Ade sighs and bows his head, Tunde holds his shoulder tight and shook him up, you are a man Ade, a very fine one at that, you don’t know what you have o. Dark skin, tashere beards, pointed nose, slim body, long legs, omo, legelege can destroy..heyyys Ade cuts in will you stop that 14 yeas is real o.

Both of them bursted out in laughter and Ade got up to pick his football boots. Tunde where is Wale and Dada? Ade querried. I left them both at the field oga, I came back to get you because the match starts soon. Oya let’s start going then Ade replied and they both left the house for the football pitch.

(Episode 1 – Scn 3)

As they left the compound to face the main road Tunde saw Chi-Chi crossing the road and he quickly taps Ade, look at our beautiful bride Tunde said, you are a very foolish human being Ade replied as he raised his arm to wave at Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi saw the two young men and waved back instantly calling out from afar asking fine boys, where to this hot afternoon o? to the field madam Ade replied, ohhh I see Chi-Chi said, should I come along, I’d love to watch you play Ade. Tunde instantly pinched Ade and said in a very low almost inaudible sound Say yes say yes. Ade tapped his hand and said Yes your highness you are free to come watch us play and Chi-Chi said ok cool, please wait for me let me drop this cloth inside and I’ll be with you guys in a few minutes. As Chi-Chi walked into her compound Tunde jumped and said today na today Bobo, you must score goal o and they both laughed again.

A few minutes later Chi-Chi came out and signalled at them that it was time to go, they both moved towards her and they started walking towards the pitch together. As they approached the pitch, Tunde said Chi, whatbis your plan for Valentine’s day? I mean who is your Val? Chi-Chi was shocked at this question and both she and Ade looked at each other almost immediately and bursted out into laughter, Why una dey laugh Tunde enquired, why now? na question I ask now abi Ade, Ade immediately looked away an continued laughing.

Well., I will be in church for the youth program that day but to be candid I don’t have any val. May be be noone finds me attractive enough to ask or maybe I’m a bad person, noo Are cuts in, absolutely not, you a bad person? Lai Lai, you are one of the most amazing individuals I’ve ever met and I’m sure everyone thinks so too, abi Tunde I lie? Of course not bro she’s a good person. And as a matter of fact Chi-Chi you are very beautiful and attractive… Oh please Tunde Chi-Chi replied, your mouth is too sweet Biko. Ade warn you friend o and the three of the starts laughing again as they walked in to join the rest of their friends on the pitch.

(Episode 1: Scn 4)

During the match, Ade’s adrenaline level was observed to be super high as he was extra skillful and his performance was topnotch. He scored his first goal in the first 5minutes and dedicated a dab jubilation to Chi-Chi who was dancing and screaming at the too of her voice. Ade scored a second at the 84th minute and he knelt down to jubilate, Tunde, Wale and Dada ran up to him and embraced him where he knelt. Tunde whispered in his ear, if she no gree make I bend and Ade’s heart raced and he rose up and replied Tunde, today na today, they both hugged and they returned to their various positions.

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