After the match Ade hurriedly packed his bag and ran towards Chi-Chi, she hugged him and said that was an awesome performance Ade, I never knew you played football this good. Ade was overjoyed and replied thank you Chi, maybe my performance today was because something special happened.. Ehen? Chi-Chi replied, care to share? Yes sure Ade replied as he took a long deep breadth. He faced Her and said, I played so we’ll because you came to watch me and that’s the special thing that happened.

Chi-Chi bursted into laughter and replied Kai, you this guy, what is my own o? Ade replied you can’t understand. Tunde came along with Wale, Dada and a couple of their team mates to where Ade and Chi-Chi stood, Wale said Ade Mr player of the match well-done sir, this your performance today was topnotch o, can’t remember the last time you played this good, Ohhh, don’t mind him, he only plays well on days when he feels good Tunde replied, they all laughed as they walked towards the road.

At the road side Tunde and others said their goodbyes because they were headed to the other side of the road leaving only Ade and Chi-Chi on the path down the road. Once it was only both of them again Chi-Chi held Ade’s hand as they walked down the road and she asked, Ade oya I’m listening o. To what? Ade replied, to your explanation of what you meant by something special my friend.

Being a shy guy Ade started smiling and goes, ehm.. Never mind, No don’t tell me that, Chi-Chi replied, I mind and I want to know. These words were like the ice breaker Ade had been looking for all this while and they just dropped in a matter of seconds, this is it he thought to himself.

Ok Chi, I’ll tell you but first promise me one thing that no matter what happens we stay friends. Chi-Chi was surprised at first, but then she agreed and they continued walking. So remember what I said to you the first time we met? Ade asked, Yes of course I do Chi-Chi replied, You said You’ve never seen someone so pretty and you asked how much was my bride price, very foolish boy, she smiled.

Well Chi, I was not joking that day, I meant Every word just like I mean everything I’ll be saying now, ever since we first met not a single day had gone by without me thinking about you, sometimes I dream too. About waht Chi-Chi asked, about You Chi, I dream about you and I wake up wondering why but now I know. Now I understand why it’s because I fell in love with you the very first day we met, I didn’t realize it until a while later but when I did I became scared. I was scared of losing our friendship, I always want to have you around because you mean a lot to me.

Apart from the fact that you are the most beautiful lady I’ve ever met in my life you are also the most intelligent person I’ve ever met and I will love to have you in my life for ever. Ade stopped abruptly and turned to Chi-Chi and said, Chi, will you be my Val? Chi-Chi was dumbfounded and shocked as all Ade had been saying sounded like a movie to her. Ah! wow! she replied, slowly letting go of Ade’s arm. You see Ade, I like you a lot too, and that is why I only roll with you on this street, I think you are a very coolheaded guy, quite handsome and very intelligent too but you see this your dating question I’ll have to think about it o

Ade cuts in and said, of course Chi, you have all the time in the world to think about it. But I’ll be the happiest man alive if your answer is yes because only you can complete me. They continued walking without saying anything till they got to Chi-Chi’s gate and she turned to look at him, Ade I had a great time today, we should do this more often. Good night and take care of yourself. Thanks for coming to watch me play Chi, it means the world to me and sure I’d make sure to always invite you whenever we have matches. my regards to your siblings. I’ll see you tomorrow. The both hugged and Chi-Chi whispered to his ear, “good night Mr player of the match”. Ade smiled and replied goodnight madmosielle.

They both parted ways and Ade could not believe what had happened, a day that started with him daydreaming about love is about to end after he disclosed his hidden feelings and Chi-Chi wasn’t pissed or angry at him. Tunde was right afterall, last last she will say no. it’s a great day already he thought to himself as he entered the gate to their compound singing 2face idibia’s African Queen.

Ade entered his room and speedily took his phone to charge as they brought light, it’s about to be the biggest night of his life and he can’t afford to be offline in case Chi-Chi wanted to send him a text, call him or message him on WhatsApp.

Ade called out to Wunmi, his younger sister to come and go get him airtime for his subscription, when Wunmi entered the room Ade handed her one hundred naira note and said go to iya Bili and buy Airtel hundred naira for me. Wunmi collected the money and headed out to get the airtime. Ade then lfer the room to go iron his school uniform, tomorrow is Monday I must look sharp he said as he packed his clothes to the ironing table.

As he started ironing, Wunmi came in with the recharge card and Ade pointed to his phone, there go ahead and load it for me. Wunmi picked the phone and called out to Ade from the room, Brother mi, you have two missed calls o. Ade was shocked and he could feel the sudden rush of adrenaline in his body, he could literally hear his own heart pounding like his mother’s Yam mortar and pestle. Could that be Chi? Was she ready to say yes or no, is she angry, or did she pretend to be cool at what I said? all these questions flooded his mind and he’d started trembling with fear instantly.

Who was it he shouted back at Wunmi, it was Brother Tunde. Jesus Christ! Ade shouted,. that boy sha want to kill me with hypertension he said in a low voice. Ok thank you he shouted back at Wunmi, load the card and allow the phone to charge, I will call Tunde back when I’m done.

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