It was already past 10pm, and nothing had come in from Chi-Chi, no texts, no calls no WhatsApp messages and Ade thought to himself maybe she needs more time to process what I said, anyways I’ve done my part and at lease now I can tell myself that I am a man. As Ade went deeper into soliloquizing his phone beeped twice and he checked to see a text. Alas! it was Chi-Chi and the message read get your MTN Sim ready for midnight call 12:30am sharp.

Ade jumped out of the bed in a speedy mode and made for his parents room. Mummy where is your phone he asked. it’s on the table in the sitting room his mum replied, thank you Ade said he dashed towards the sitting room.
Ade picked his mum’s phone and hurriedly texted Chi-Chi with a reply to her text saying this is my mum’s number and it’s the one I’ll call with, he then threw himself into the bed laying on his back and facing the ceiling.

(Episode 3 – 2)

After a short while Ade then decide to set an alarm for 12:25 am so he won’t sleep off. He then recalled he had missed Tunde’s calls earlier and decided to reach out to him at once. He sent Tunde a WhatsApp message with his usual smiley and apologized for not returning his calls. He then went on to narrate what Happened earlier between he and Chi-Chi and Tunde was very pleased. Tunde reminded him of what he had said earlier about him being a fine man that no lady can resist and he told him to calm down and wait for positive feedback.

By the time both will say their goodbyes it was already past 11pm and Ade was scared of sleeping at all so he thought about getting creative before 12:30 so he stood up and picked his bag, he opened it and picked a book titled “lyrics of love” a book of romantic text messages and poems. Ade started reading in admiration of his crush and potential girl friend. All these was special to Ade because he had never been in love nether had he ever asked anyone out talklesss of having a girlfriend so it’s a first of all deal for him.

Ade noticed he was slowly dozing off but yet he kept trying to resist till Nepa eventually took the light. Ade was furious because he had thought a midnight call when there was electricity would make noone notice because different interference from sounds of fans and music from distance. Just as Ade was thinking about all these, he fell asleep.

The alarm was ringing for the 25th time and Ade could feel the vibration on his cheeks, he slowly opened his eyes and saw the fan spinning and the bulbs all brightly shining and he Instantly regained consciousness when he remembered the call. He quickly jumps to pick up his mum’s phone to check the time and he couldn’t believe his eyes 4:31am. Ade held his head in disbelief and sunk down into the pillows saying what the hell just happened. He was so angry and sad and before long tears rolled down his cheeks. How on Earth did this happen he asked shaking his head continuously as a soliloquized.

(Episode 3 – 3)

Ade then decided to send a text to Chi-Chi with his own phone then he saw the message icon hanging on the screen. The text was from Chi-Chi and Ade was so scared to open it. I have messed up, I know, she is definitely angry, maybe she will never speak with me again, she is definitely disapointed, it’s all my fault.. He said all this words out aloud as he finally decide to open the text and the message read “I waited for you to call but it seems you slept off, it was a long day and I’m certain the match definitely made you tired. Well about our discussion earlier I’ve thought about it and my answer is Yes. I will be your Val, your girlfriend and your best friend as long as you promise not to break my heart, I’m all yours. I love you too.”

Ade couldn’t believe his eyes, he couldn’t believe what he had just read, Chi Said yes? she really Did? oh my God! he exclaimed as he jumped up in excitement. His mood changed instantly and he fell down on his knees to pray. In his prayer he said Dear God thank you for everything especially for this new blessing I do not take it for granted, help me Lord to act right and make this work as I lack the knowledge and the finance to see this through. I know you don’t fail me and you won’t thank you for listening. Amen.

(Episode 3 – 4)

He stood up and walked into the bathroom to take his bath and prepare for school as the newest boyfriend in town. At 6:35 am their school bus arrived and he had seen Chi-Chi sitting very close to the back seat waving him to come sit beside her and he thought to himself this is really happening, it is going to be a great day. As he approached the bus his mum called out to him, Ade where is my phone? Reality hit him and he Instantly turned back to her and said it’s on my bed mummy, Thank you, you are the best.

Everyone on the bus laughed as he climbed into the bus, the driver said Ade the mummy’s boy, everyone laughed again except Chi-Chi who knew exactly what was going on. As soon as Ade sat beside Chi-Chi, the bus moved. They both sat for a while not saying anything then Ade reached on for her hand and they held hands and exchaged looks till they got to school. It was the best ride ever to school for both new lovebirds. When they got to school and had to go their separate ways for assembly both of them could not stop staring at each other.

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