Mondays are usually very tiring and boring at school for Ade because of the usual strictness, classes and workloads that comes with Mondays, but this Monday was different. Ade enjoyed every minute and ever second taking time at intervals to look at Chi-Chi. Sometimes their eyes will meet and both will smile and other times it will just be Ade staring and appreciating his luck and thanking his stars.

Gbagaun gbagaun gbagaun!! Long break!! screamed the Time prefect and one can instantly feel the sign of relief from the students as they eagerly completed the “long break” sentence with the time prefect. The Mathematics teacher in Ade’s class packed his bags and bade the class farewell and once he stepped out all the students stood up to find their way to the school dining.

Ade stood up and walked towards Chi-Chi’s seat with a broad smile on his face, Chi-Chi who was rounding up on the maths assignment looked up and saw Ade smiling, she caught the smile and returned it instantly. Ade quietly sat beside her in other not to disturb or distract her from what she was writing and immediately he got settled in the seat Chi-Chi said, how are you doing Mr sleeper? both of them laughed out and Ade replied I am fine madmosielle.

(Episode4 – 2)

In a few more minutes Chi-Chi was done and Ade suggested they go to the dining together to get lunch, Chi-Chi agreed and they both left the class. They got to the dining and there was a long queue, so Ade said Chi, please go sit over there let me handle this and chi replied that’s very gentlemanly of you Ade, thank you. She made for the seat and Ade joined the queue and within minutes he came to the table with food and drinks in both hands.

While eating Ade asked, Chi what would like for Valentine’s day and Chi-Chi replied saying, Ade, just Surprise me. Ade’s heart sunk Instantly because he had never gifted anyone anything for Valentine’s day before and had no idea what to give, he then thought to himself, Tunde! Tunde is a pro when it comes to stuff like this I have to speak with Tunde as soon as possible before he could say another word they heard a very loud bang… Boom!!!! followed by something that sounded like gunshots, it was so unbelievable at first but then Ade looked through a window and saw a man in the military uniform screaming Everybody lie down! it was then Ade knew their lives was about to change forever.

(Episode4 – 3)

There was chaos and in a matter of minutes and the school that was quiet a few minutes ago is now on fire and Ade could hear other students crying and shouting from the playing ground, although he couldn’t see anything he could feel that their lives was in danger. Ade quickly held Chi-Chi who was already panicking, he kissed her forehead and promised her everything will be fine. He said Chi, I will protect you no matter what.

Ade then asked Chi-Chi to crawl under the long dining table instead of running up and down like the other students in the dining room who were obviously scared of the Man In military uniform who was coming towards the dining. Ade crawled under the table after Chi-Chi and and whispered to her, I’m right behind you, don’t be scared Chi, we will be fine.

They kept crawling till try reached the entrance of the kitchen and they stopped as the man shouted again everybody lie down. This time silence filled the air, everyone who ran out of the dining had been apprehended by the men in uniform and the rest who were trapped in the dining with Ade and Chi-Chi went on their knees as quietly as possible. The leader of the men then said count them, and Ade could here another man’s voice counting the students.

Chichi hiding
Chichi hiding

Ade noticed Chi-Chi could barely hold her self together so he reached for her cheek with his palm and rubbed it gently, she held on to his hand as he did as that gave her hope that he was still there. Ade couldn’t see anything except Chi-Chi but he could hear all the conversation loud and clear. He figured it was a kidnap and the men were sent to kidnap the senior prefect and his sister who were Senator Akintunde’s children.

(Episode4 – 4)

Senator Akintunde was a renowned politician who obviously had many enemies and this is obviously an attack by one of his enemies. Ade also overheard the leader of the gang saying Chief T didn’t tell us this school had this many children now, how are we going to transport all these ones? He said to his boys angrily pack them join the others on the play ground abeg. The next man shouted On your feet!! oya move! and Ade could hear children moving out of the dining.

Ade checked his watch and the time was already past 1pm although he couldn’t see anything or anyone, he felt an unusual form of silence in the dining and he assumed everyone including the men in uniform had left so he signalled to Chi-Chi that he was going to peep to see if there was anybody around, she nodded in affirmative and Ade slowly turned around trying as much as he could to not make a sound.

Ade peeped through the table covering which was very thick and had very little tiny holes but he couldn’t see anyone. He wasn’t sure of what to believe so he didn’t move any further for about another 5minutes. Suddenly he heard gunshots again and the chaos resumed, there was noise and cries in the air only this time he could hear sirens wailing too.

This is great Ade thought, the police are here, somebody is going to come and rescue us soon he whispered to Chi-Chi. Please stay calm, we will be alright he affirmed even though he himself was scared to death.

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